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Consulting with organizations to create environments where employees thrive.

Coaching individuals to grow, develop, and integrate work into their lives in a meaningful way.

Let's work together to create and sustain healthy and productive work environments that have a positive impact.

Hi there! I'm Kelly.


I have my PhD in Industrial Organizational Psychology and my approach to consulting and coaching is driven by science, data, and research. 

I have had a variety of experiences working in talent management throughout my career. I have worked in roles that support hiring/assessment and selection, research and data collection, people data analytics, employee training, and leader development.


Specifically, I have developed assessments (e.g., 360-degree) and individual feedback reports, analyzed human capital and assessment data to develop insights that drive talent decisions, and designed strategies and processes to support talent management and leader development.


I am passionate about individual growth and development and have experience teaching at both the graduate and undergraduate level as well as coaching employees and leaders in various roles. I have coached 1:1 clients on a variety of topics including leadership development, work-life interactions, developing career goals, new skill development, and relationship building.


My unique blend of talent management expertise, data analysis skills, teaching experience, and passion for personal and professional development led me to start my own business where I can offer these services directly to you.


I am committed to creating environments where individuals can thrive, leaders can empower and inspire others, and organizations and individuals can achieve their goals.

Dr. Kelly Reburn
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